What Is My Body Type?

Self Body Assessment

What is my body type?  Do you know?

Identifying your body shape is essential to choosing the most flattering clothing for your body. Now is the time to be objective about your body. If your insecurities get in the way find a good friend who can look at your body objectively or get them to take a photo of you (back, side and front) in a leotard and then black your head out to help you detach from your misconceptions about your body.

Think about all times have you gotten all dressed up for a night out.  Looked in the mirror. Thought you look great and then when you have seen photos of yourself, you feel horrified. Your bum looks bigger than you thought, that top was too tight or you just didn't think you actually looked like that.

What you see in the mirror compared to what others see or a camera see's are totally different.

Time to start your Self Body Assessment.

There are 3 facets to understanding your body.  Click on each category to find out what is your body type and how to identify your body shape.

You need to look at your body shape. Take note of whether your body is top or bottom heavy. Don't believe that the only way you can feel better about yourself is by losing weight or cosmetic surgery. You can change how you look today by learning how to show off your best assets and disquise the ones that you don't like.


Dress for the body you have not for the body that you might have next month or next year

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SHAPEWEAR FOR YOUR BODY What you need to know

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