Dress for your Hourglass Body Shape

HourglassBody Shape

With an Hourglass Body Shape, every item in your wardrobe should work to clearly define your curvy silhouette.

Try to hide your curves and you will look bulky and frumpy. So love and embrace your curves. Make the most of them. You are a painters dream.

Look to Style Icons Like:

Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek or Nigella Lawson

What To Wear:

  • Fitted and semi fitted clothes
  • Soft clingy, flowing fabrics
  • Straight or gently flared trousers in a drapy fabric that won't cling to your thighs
  • Pencil skirts
  • Single breasted jackets or coats with a deep V plunging neckline to your waist with curved lapels
  • Dresses that are fitted that elongate your waist
  • Three quarter sleeves that stop just before your waistline
  • Shirts in a stretch fabric but only button up to the top of your boob so you show a nice open long neckline
  • Fitted T shirts that nip in at your waist and have a wide open neckline
  • Cardigans with a deep V neck and fitted
  • Peep Toe or Rounded Toe shoes
  • A Necklace with a simple chain with a dangly bit that hangs well below your boobs
Hourglass fashion

What Not To Wear:

  • Baggy Styles with your hourglass body shape will make you look like a frump
  • Bulky, stiff or excess fabric that will just add volume where you don't need it
  • Fabrics that are too stretchy they will just accentuate your lumps and bumps. Supportive fabric is better
  • Big or thick belts
  • Bat-wing sleeves
  • Tapered pants
  • Polo neck or chunky jumpers
  • Baggy T Shirts
  • Frills, bows, flounces or chiffon. Tempting as they may be. You already look feminine enough
  • Smock dresses
  • Flat lace up, ankle strap shoes and cowboy boots
  • Big, bulky or decorative jewelry. Your boobs are already eye catching


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womens tapemeasure

Work out your own body shape and understand your proportions


Dress for the body you have not for the body that you might have next month or next year