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What Hairstyle Suits My Face Shape

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Your Virtual Hair Makeover

Your hair makeover or new hairstyle should focus on shape, proportion and creating balance.  It should also accentuate or draw away from certain facial characteristics.

What you have to consider when doing your own hair makeover is that it all comes down to symmetry. This is a science, it can be measured. So you can avoid all the trial and error if you have some knowledge about your face shape.

Your goal is to balance out your face to an oval shape. If your face is too skinny you want to make it look wider. If your forehead is too wide you want to make it look narrower.

We have been through the Face Shape Lesson.  So now that you know your face shape you are in a better position to choose hairstyles that will make you look your best.

Read the Do's and Don'ts for creating symmetry and balance to your face to find your best hairstyles.

Hair makeover Do's and Don'ts for your face shape:

Hair Makeover

Hairstyles for your Oval Face Shape

How to Balance - Your face is well balanced

  • Choose almost any style because your face is evenly proportioned
  • A large variety of hairstyles from short hair to long will look great
  • Experiment with your hair makeover

  • Wear too much hair over your face and lose your face shape

Cameron Diaz               Julia Roberts
Celebrities with Oval Faces - Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts

Hairstyles for your Diamond Face Shape

How to Balance - Add width to your forehead and your jawline

  • Styles that are full at your forehead and your jawline
  • Styles close to your head at your cheekbones
  • Hairstyles with symmetrical and balanced lines
  • Structured bobs or short hairstyles finishing at your jaw line

  • Center partings
  • Styles that add too much height to the top of your head or crown
  • Too much hair covering your face
  • Styles that add volume or width to your cheek bones
  • Styles that are close to your head at the temples

Linda Evangelista        Katherine Hepburn
Celebrities with Diamond Faces - Linda Evangelista, Elizabeth Hurley, Katherine Hepburn      

Hairstyles for Oblong and Rectangle Face Shapes

How to Balance - Make your face appear broader and shorter

  • Hairstyles with fullness at the sides
  • Short hairstyles to medium length hairstyles
  • Soft layers
  • Hairstyles that don't add too much height to the top of your head
  • Wispy or open fringe
  • Off center or side parting

  • Long straight hair that is one length
  • Center parts when your hair is past your shoulders
  • Very short hair
  • Hair close to your temples

Sarah Jessica Parker                                         Niki Taylor
Celebrities with Oblong or Rectangle Faces - Sarah Jessica Parker, Niki Taylor, Cate Blanchett

Hairstyles for your Heart Face Shape

How to Balance - Widen your jaw line and make your forehead appear narrower

  • Chin length hair or short hair
  • Hairstyles that are close to your face above your ear line
  • Hairstyles that add volume below your ear line
  • Bobs, short hair or shaggy will look great
  • Light wispy fringe covering your forehead
  • Center parting with layers that sweep forward
  • Soft waves and curls

  • A blunt fringe
  • Too much height on the top of your head or crown
  • Hairstyles that are too full at your temples.  This will make you appear top heavy
  • Tapered necklines
  • Low side parts

Ashley Judd                    Lisa Kudrow
Celebrities with Heart Shape Faces - Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashley Juud, Lisa Kudrow

Hairstyles for your Triangle Face Shape

How to Balance - Add width to your forehead and narrow your jawline

  • Hairstyles that are full around your temples
  • Hairstyles that taper at the jaw-line
  • Off center parting, wedges or shaggy hairstyles
  • Short hair with a long fringe swept to the side
  • Full and fluffy fringe
  • Layering

  • Center parts
  • Hairstyles that are full at your jaw line
  • Hair close to your temples or very short on top
  • Long full hairstyles with a flat crown

Minnie Driver               Kathy Ireland
Celebrities with Triangle Faces - Minnie Driver, Kathy Ireland

Hairstyles for your Square Face Shape

How to Balance - Soften your jaw line and give the illusion of a longer face

  • Hairstyles that add height to the top of your head or crown
  • Hairstyles with round shapes
  • Short hair to medium length haircuts either above or below the jaw line
  • Soft Layers or curls and wispy looks around your face
  • Soft wispy fringe
  • Side parts that curve or angle across your forehead
  • Asymmetric styles to soften angles

  • Very straight hair
  • Long hair
  • Blunt fringe
  • Straight bobs with centre parts
  • Any short hair style that finishes at your jaw line

Kristen Scott Thomas      Jackie O
Celebrities with Square Faces - Demi Moore, Jackie O, Kristin Scott Thomas

Hairstyles for your Round Face Shape

How to Balance - Give the illusion of a longer, slimmer face

  • Hairstyles with fullness and height to the top of your head
  • Keep your hair off your face
  • Keep the sides close to your face to make your face appear longer
  • Off center parting
  • Short hairstyles  above your chin that are swept back
  • Long hairstyles that end below your chin
  • Gently waving layers and wispy ends

  • Styles that add width to your face or rounded styles
  • Blunt fringe
  • Centre part
  • Chin length hair
  • Very curly hair
  • Very straight or ironed hair

Christina Ricci Round Face                               Kelly Osbourne Round Face
Celebrities with Round Faces - Audrey Hepburn, Christina Ricci, Kelly Osbourne

Your virtual hair makeover should focus on shape, proportion and creating balance


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