Dress For Your Diamond Body Shape

Diamond Body Shape

Your goal for your Diamond Body Shape is to draw attention to your top half, up and away from your belly.

You should wear clothing that will take the eye off your waist and make your shoulders appear wider

You are very similar to an apple shape except that you will have smaller shoulders and higher set tummy.

Look to Style Icons Like:
Oprah Winfrey

What To Wear:

  • Tops with a wide open neckline that gives a flash of the beginning of a cleavage

  • Tops that are tight just under your boobs and loose enough to skim over your tummy

  • Shoulder pads or tops with horizontal neck lines

  • Capped sleeves to broaden your shoulders

  • Pants that fasten at the side and have a flat front to avoid any extra bumps on your belly

  • Pants with wider legs, that don't cling to your bum, tum or thighs

  • Shirts with open fronts and wider cuffs. This will draw the eye up

  • Skirts with side fastenings and flat fronted with a deep waistband

  • Skirts with pleats that start below your tummy

  • Long coats worn open (try in a contrasting colour to your outfit underneath)

  • If you are short make sure the coat ends just above your knee

Diamond Fashion

What Not To Wear:

  • Mens jeans that fit you at your waist, narrow at your legs, with a fleecy top you will make you look like a builder

  • Tight T Shirts, clingy fabrics or fabrics with large patterns

  • Big square T Shirts or puffa jackets

  • Anything pleated from the waist

  • High necklines are not flattering for a Diamond Body Shape

  • High waisted trousers

  • Tucked in tops

  • Narrow or tapered skirts and pants 

  • Clumpy or chunky shoes

  • All one colour or a large print dress. It will make you look bigger not smaller


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Work out your own body shape and understand your proportions


Dress for the body you have not for the body that you might have next month or next year