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Gothic Angels

Gothic Angels Fashion Advice. Find Your Gothic Girl Style

Continue reading "Gothic Angels"

Organize Your Closet

Want to organize your closet? Need wardrobe help? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? If you answered yes to any of these questions then your due for a wardrobe makeover.

Continue reading "Organize Your Closet"


Find Shapewear for your body type. How to hide cellulite, lift your tush, pinch in your waist. Plus 10 smart shopping tips on what you need to know before you buy.

Continue reading "Shapewear"

Your Color Analysis

Color Analysis - Find out if you are Cool, Warm or Neutral and What colors to wear to suit your Skin and Hair Tones.

Continue reading "Your Color Analysis"

What is my Body Type - Virtual Body Makeover

What is My Body Type? Dressing for your body type. Do your own self body assessment to find out your vertical and horizontal body shape.

Continue reading "What is my Body Type - Virtual Body Makeover"

What Earrings Suit Your Face Shape

What earrings suit your face shape. How to choose the right earrings for your Oblong Face, Heart Shape Face, Rectangle Shape Face and more

Continue reading "What Earrings Suit Your Face Shape"

Whats Your Style

Whats your style. Fashion Advice to discover who you want to be. Are you a Bombshell, a Rock Chick, a Boho Flower Child.

Continue reading "Whats Your Style"

Virtual Makeover Blog

The Virtual Makeover Blog is your Fashion Advice Page that keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the My Virtual Makeover Web Site. Subscribe here.

Continue reading "Virtual Makeover Blog"

Contouring - How To Guide

Contouring for your Face Shape. Find out how to change, accentuate, hide, strengthen and define your features.

Continue reading "Contouring - How To Guide"


Rock Chick Fashion Advice. Find Your Wild, Sultry Innner Fashionista. Yeah... Whatever...

Continue reading "ROCK CHICK"

Top 10 Hair Tips to Know When Coloring Your Hair

Top 10 hair tips to know when coloring your hair. Where to add hair highlights. How dark or light do you go. Hair Makeover.

Continue reading "Top 10 Hair Tips to Know When Coloring Your Hair"

Hair Makeover - 10 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover

10 Signs you need a Hair Makeover. Are you really happy with your hair? Find out of your stuck in a Hair Rut.

Continue reading "Hair Makeover - 10 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover"

Hair Colors

Confused about Hair Colors? Which one is right for you? Find the right hair color type before you take the plunge.

Continue reading "Hair Colors"

Pitch Black Contact Lens

How to work a Pitch Black Contact Lens into your Goth look with mystery and style

Continue reading "Pitch Black Contact Lens"

Hair Coloring

Hair coloring tips, techniques and ideas on how to color your hair before you take the plunge.

Continue reading "Hair Coloring"

Coloring Grey Hair

Coloring Grey Hair? Going Grey Gracefully? Hair Tips for Coloring Grey Hair.

Continue reading "Coloring Grey Hair"

Vertical Body Type - What is my Vertical Body Shape?

Find out your Vertical Body Type. Virtual Body Makeover. Do your own Self Body Assessment to find out your Vertical and Horizontal Body Shape.

Continue reading "Vertical Body Type - What is my Vertical Body Shape?"

Dress For Your Body Type - My Virtual Makeover

Discover How to Dress for Your Body Type. Find out the key shapes to fit and flatter your figure as well as disguise any flaws.

Continue reading "Dress For Your Body Type - My Virtual Makeover"

Makeup Beauty Tips

Your guide for makeup beauty tips. Offering free beauty tips, health and beauty articles, how to videos and instruction guides on applying cosmetics, beauty, skincare, makeup and more.

Continue reading "Makeup Beauty Tips"

Hair Highlights

Hair Highlights Which type is right for you? Find the right hair color type before you take the plunge.

Continue reading "Hair Highlights"

Bohemian Fashion - Want Boho Chic?

Bohemian Fashion Advice. Discover your bohemian style

Continue reading "Bohemian Fashion - Want Boho Chic?"

What Hair Color Suits Me

What hair color suits. Discover the 3 elements you need to know when choosing your best hair color.

Continue reading "What Hair Color Suits Me"

Gothic Contact Lenses

Find the best Gothic contact lenses or a fake colored contact lens to add drama to your Goth style

Continue reading "Gothic Contact Lenses"

Gothic Eye Makeup Tips

Step by step gothic eye makeup tips to unleash the true goth in you

Continue reading "Gothic Eye Makeup Tips"

Hair Makeover

What hairstyles suit my Face Shape? What Styles to avoid. Try a Virtual Hair Makeover.

Continue reading "Hair Makeover"

Face Makeover

What is your Face shape? Get face makeover tips to find your most flattering hairstyles, eyeglasses, earrings and make up tips for your face shape

Continue reading "Face Makeover"

Virtual Body Makeover

Your Virtual Body Makeover - How to Assess Your Body Shape. Find Out How to Dress For Your Body Type.

Continue reading "Virtual Body Makeover"

How To Achieve Fuller Lips

How to achieve fuller lips in 3 easy steps with just a little makeup

Continue reading "How To Achieve Fuller Lips"

Bohemian Style

Which bohemian style are you? Peasant Girl, Rugged Bohemian, Bohemian Luxe, Boho Rock, Ethnic Boho

Continue reading "Bohemian Style"

Horizontal Body Type - What is my Horizontal Body Shape?

Find out your Horizontal Body Type. Do your own Self Body Assessment to find out your Body Shape. Are you an Apple Body Shape, Pear Body Shape and more.

Continue reading "Horizontal Body Type - What is my Horizontal Body Shape?"


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